About Us

Slither.io one of the best multiplayer game in 2016, all around the world game lovers calling it addiction. After releasing in march 2016 slither.io is top downloading game in App Store. It is a simple multiplayer browser game its a moderated version of old Snake game. The main objective in Slither.io to grow you avatar snake and swallow pellets and simply grow it bigger. the main twister is to save you snake by your opponents, when ever you hit directly to other snake body parts you lose it. So be save to other snakes and try to ditch them by hit your body part to their head, once your defeat them you caan eat their pellets and grow your snake bigger. So enjoying the addiction and keep playing this game. Here i post some slither.io high score videos hope it will increase your addiction to get a bigger snake in the game.

We are here to give you boost if you addicted to Slither.io, we will solve all your problems when you playing slither.io Online. So if you want to know how to grow your snakes faster and easier mode just contact with you, we are bring new hacks and cheats for slither.io continuously.